Private Label Partners
Private Label Cosmetics, Skin Care, and Lotions
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About Us

Private Label Partners was founded in 1997 to provide solutions for companies seeking to expand their product lines. Located in Orange County, CA, we are a cGMP compliant, fully licensed FDA and EPA registered contract manufacturer/filler. Our customers find us innovative and extremely easy to deal with. In fact, many have turned to us due to problems they have faced with other contract manufacturers. For example, excessively long lead times and missing important ship dates or more serious issues including product failure and/or mislabeling of packaging. 

Specializing in the rapidly growing anti-aging and acne markets, our Research and Development Team is able to produce custom formulas from samples of crèmes, lotions or gels and most consistencies in between. Private Label Partners has a core competency in improving formulations by adding strategic ingredients to strengthen the marketing appeal of a given brand. 

Our flexible facility enables us to fill products in containers ranging from as small as 0.3 ounces up to as large 55 gallons. We specialize in small to medium runs (1,000 to 25,000 units), however, we can accommodate larger batch sizes and filling jobs if required. 

As part of our obligation to maintain the trust of our customers, we ensure that all incoming components and key raw materials are properly tested. Our cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Processes) compliant facility utilizes an independent lab that provides the full spectrum of required Microbiological and Chemical testing. 

In striving to meet your needs, we always keep your company's profit margin in mind. You will enjoy the timely deliveries of our results oriented products.